It’s a north Bavarian specialty. These beers have a low fermentation, where barley malt is dried with the heat provided by burnt beech tree wood, its smoke providing a very special scent and taste to this beer. Fragrance: the malt and smoked combination give it an intense fragrance. The character of the beech wood smoke is quite strong and may seem smoked bacon or wood. Malt character is low, somewhat sweet and toasted. Clean, without fruity esters. This is a very clear beer, with a creamy, massive froth, light brown to creamy coloured. Colour: copper.


(c) 2015 Cerveza Huemul - Artesanal y Premium - Hecha en Lago Puelo.     Prohibida la venta a menores de 18 años.       Designed By: Mariano Tavieres