We started out this project as a small family business in which the rest of our relatives and friends are our main tasters and critics


Our brewery is on El Huemul street, between Los Ñires and Los Alerces streets in Lago Puelo, Northwest of Chubut Province, in Argentina


The Huemul (buck or deer), during the past century, has been hunted indiscriminately and the tree felling of the native forest, has modified its natural habitat. It is original of the Santa Cruz, Chubut and Río Negro Provinces. Its survival depends exclusively on the specific measures taken in respect to its handling and conservation. Knowing and spreading its story and problems, help in its protection.

We expect you at our brewery


(c) 2015 Cerveza Huemul - Artesanal y Premium - Hecha en Lago Puelo.     Prohibida la venta a menores de 18 años.       Designed By: Mariano Tavieres